Making The Electrical Rough-In Process Less Rough: Tips For Choosing The Location Of Your Light Fixtures When Building Your Home


There are many homes on the market, but you may not find each of your preferred amenities in the specific price range or location that you desire. Working with a builder is a great way to ensure you do not have to settle on your home purchase. Of course, the building process can be overwhelming due to the various decisions you will need to make. If you are part of the growing number of people building a house, you may find the electrical rough-in process stressful. Use this guide to help make the electrical rough-in process a little less rough.


Start in the kitchen, since this is a popular area of your home, and decide how many lights you will need for cooking, entertaining, and dining purposes. Layering different degrees of lighting in the kitchen is a hot trend, so make sure to include fixtures that offer task, ambient, and decorative lighting.

Recessed cam lights in a few areas of your space will increase visibility when completing tasks in your kitchen. Also, consider under-the-cabinet lighting for added style and function when prepping meals. Lastly, make sure to include a pendant light fixture over any dining areas, such as the breakfast nook. If your kitchen will have an island, pendant lights over this surface will also be nice. To make the island a focal point, select larger pendant lights that will make bold statements over your island.

Living/Family Room

Once you have a sufficient plan in the kitchen, you can move on to the family or living room. The main fixture should be centered in the room and offer a style similar to a larger pendant fixture or a light and ceiling fan combination.

Recessed cam lights over a fireplace add appeal to your space but can also be great for enhancing a displayed piece of art over the mantle. In larger living and family rooms, consider adding extra cam lights on the wall opposite your fireplace.


Each bathroom of your house will require its own lighting design, but pay extra attention to your master bathroom. Your master bathroom should encompass an estimated 10 percent of your home's value, so consider splurging on ample light fixtures for the space.

Choose fixtures for your vanity with multiple lights to ensure the space is bright and functional. Do not add recessed cam lights to the ceiling over your vanity mirror, since this increased light will cast shadows on the space below your chin, nose, and eyes, making your appear older in the mirror.

A chandelier over your bathtub adds enormous elegance and appeal to your bathroom. Also, make sure your separate shower has its own recessed lighting.

Powder rooms offer separate areas for your guests to use the restroom, so they are nice additions for your house. However, you do not need to invest a large portion of your lighting budget on this small room. Opt for one fixture above the mirror and vanity. Make sure the light fixture is installed directly in the center of the vanity, preventing an off-center design.

Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom will become your sanctuary, so consider utilizing light fixtures that make this personal space feel more serene and relaxing.

Here are a few lighting elements to include in your master bedroom:

  • Basic Lighting – These fixtures should provide sufficient lighting for getting dressed in your bedroom. Chandeliers or a combination fixture with lights and a ceiling fan are suitable for your master bedroom's basic needs.
  • Nightstand Lighting – Many homeowners and builders are requesting that electricians install fixtures over the location of their nightstands. Pendant lights with dimmer switches are great options to install on each side of your bed, offering a small amount of light for reading, watching television, or creating ambiance in your room.
  • Closet Lights – If you have a walk-in closet, make sure to include one or more fixtures in the space. Elegant chandeliers are fun options for this space, but you can also use standard ceiling lights, which are affordable options suited to your lighting budget. 

The electrical rough-in process of your home construction may seem stressful, but it can be fun and exciting. Using these tips and the help of your electrical contractor (someone like Calgary PRO-FX Services Inc), you will understand where light fixtures are necessary and how to incorporate them into your new home.


5 April 2016

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